What does psychic mean?

The word psychic relates to the soul and mind rather than the body and is a person who has extra sensory perception otherwise known as ESP and supernatural capabilities of the mind. There are many different psychic talents and gifts, using a variety of different skills and talents such as astrology, clairvoyance, tarot cards, palm readers and even numerology. Psychic is a person between two worlds that has the obligation to pass on the messages the best way we can comprehend.

People have relied on psychics for many centuries as they are helpful in bringing clarity into your direction and pathway as they can be known to foretell future events, current situations, help heal on matters of the past sometimes without you saying a word. Psychics pick up on energy of those they are reading for but can also pick up on intentions and feelings of others therefore we can see what other people are wanting or thinking about us which can also help us in making decisions regarding our love life, break ups and divorce, career and money, family relationships and our own futures destiny.

Some psychic talents and gifts may include and not limited to

Mediumship (channeling)

The ability to communicate with spirit and loved ones passed over.

A medium is between two worlds they can pick up information either by hearing, seeing, thinking or feeling things that don’t belong to them but to those on the other side. Mediums can contact the deceased where as a chaneller may be receiving information through spirit guides.


The ability of insight into people’s lives and future situations using tools such as a pendulum, tarot cards, numerology, crystals and runes.


The ability to see and feel things off an object by touching or holding that object usually jewellery, photo or clothing which can also trigger remote viewing which is seeing and sensing locations, landmarks and scenes.


“See clearly”

The ability of seeing and knowing future events through visions of extra sensory perception


Is a symbolic language where there is a belief that the stars and planets can effect a persons personality, mood and influence on human affairs. Birth charts and star charts have the ability to also predict future events.