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About Merrilyn

Merrilyn is an intuitive Psychic and Natural Medium. And has professionally worked in psychic expos and has been conducting readings for over 20 years . She uses both the Tarot and Oracle cards to present to you a story of your past, present and future. With the use of cards Merrilyn uses a new energetic way, to keep up with the currant energies that are arriving into our world. To align you with your truest destiny.

For medium readings, Merrilyn asks that you allow for a 30 minute reading as the connection with the other side is quite strong and a lot comes through. So if she opens that channel of communication she prefers that it is all passed on to you without interruptions.

During the readings, often the Starry Languages wish to be spoken. You will be asked permission before she proceeds. Her skill with being able to connect with the outer worlds, comes from the knowing that… we are from the Stars. With all the Languages available to planet Earth, Merrilyn has been working with the Stars for more than 20 years. Starry Languages help with alignments for personal growth, healings, connections to your own star groups, blockages and much more.

As a medium her skill, is also used in north Bali where she is a long time member of community and attends many ceremonies, and assist’s with the release and healings of unwanted energies, that reside in the Chakra Vortex of Mother Gia. Bali is the place where the Earth’s dark energies are collected for purification. She can connect with spirit, when spirit is able to come through. She is completely protected and carries no fear with this work.

Her interests in Yoga and Hinduism sent her on the path of Kriya – Kundalini Yoga. She has accelerated through Tantric and serious Ritual practices, that has given her unlimited wisdom, through the Kundalini Awaken State. Merrilyn is a Kundalini Master. She is able to collect information from worlds beyond worlds. She can assess the Chakra System and Kundalini of every person.
Reiki Master is Merrilyn. She was made aware of Reiki in the early eighties and has been a master for more than 20 years.

We wish to introduce Merrilyn to you, as one of our team members, who can offer you a most accurate reading.
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September 21, 2020

By Jane Cooper


September 21, 2020

By Jane Cooper


August 14, 2020

By Azam Muhammad

True Readings is the best card reader I have come across. She does it like nobody else. She can see literally everything, and she does not need any extra information. If you try to tell her about your situation you will be stopped because she tells you she doesn\'t want to know until she sees for herself. She is great! I learned from my own experience that she is a very current reader. I think she sees the very near past, present and your very near future because everything she told me I just went through and was going through plus the predictions were SPOT ON because they came to pass so quickly. I love how she reads as I can now watch out for future events, bad people and bad situations.