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What is a Twin Flame?

A twin flame is another person you have shared multiple lives with, and this can date back to the beginning of time in some cases. In reality there are some 144,000 twin flame connections in the world, so to be fair, they are very rare indeed. Twin flames are often depicted as “one soul – separated on earth so as to find each other again.” This is far from the truth. A “Twin” is a highly evolved soul, set down on earth to raise the vibration of the world. Their purpose on earth is EVOLUTION of the soul and to raise the vibration of those around them by…

Starry Languages

Open to the Stars, it is all in the Stars, look to the Stars etc. etc. For years, or most of our lives this is what we have heard. Many cultures follow only the Stars. Religions have come from the Stars. We search beyond the Earthly realm. We look to the Stars. Now is the time to Look to the Stars. The ancient ones knew of the Starry Worlds and still do. We come from the Stars, we return to the Stars, we visit Starry Worlds. In the past people spoke in tongues, not knowing that they were speaking in Starry Languages. Or maybe they called it angelic…

Ace Of Cups

The ace of cups is a card showing a golden chalice filled with water representing emotions. When the ace of cups appears upright in your readings this card can be the most fulfilling card in any deck of tarot cards. It shows emotional fulfillment of matters of the heart. Perhaps a new lover is coming your way. This card speaks of soul partner relationship, twin flame relationships and a satisfying and long-term lover that may last the test of time. When this is card is drawn know that a happy outcome will be yours and dreams may be met. If in combination with the devil card it may…

Ace of Wands

This card is a picture of a batten with some leaves growing around it which represents growth and passion. The wands suit is ruled by the element of fire.When this card appears upright in your reading, it like the rest of the aces talk of new beginnings. This can be a few things depending on the cards surrounding it. It may be new business that the querent is passionate about, a new hobby, a new exercise regime. The ace of wands talks of passionate movement forward sometimes it can also mean yes in a reading. Can also be a new passionate relationship when drawn with the two of…

Benefits of Burning Sage

Smudging or burning with sage has been around for centuries. With the indigenous and native people doing such rituals to ward off dark and lower energies from the place and space in which they live. Sage can also be used for cleansing their auric fields. Sage is a plant that is versatile, packed full of vitamins and minerals. It has been used for medicinal purposes and in cooking. Everything is made up of energy. Energy absorbs other energies.  In psychic readings, when a reader reads clients, they pick up on that energy and sometimes it will leave a residue on the reader that needs to be cleared away…


Burning candles are known to have magical powers, burning candles is a good way to make an offering when connecting to and with spirit or your higher good. Often psychics use them when they are conducting readings also white candles symbolize purity and light ushering in positive energy and more spirituality. White Candles Spirituality, purity, and peace