A twin flame is another person you have shared multiple lives with, and this can date back to the beginning of time in some cases. In reality there are some 144,000 twin flame connections in the world, so to be fair, they are very rare indeed. Twin flames are often depicted as “one soul – separated on earth so as to find each other again.” This is far from the truth. A “Twin” is a highly evolved soul, set down on earth to raise the vibration of the world. Their purpose on earth is EVOLUTION of the soul and to raise the vibration of those around them by way of healing and spiritual growth.

How do I know I’ve met my twin?

The Twin is quickly becoming a much-romanticized notion and don’t get me wrong; it is the most intense love you will ever know. But this is not one sided. Do not confuse this with obsession and possession! You and your twin will often have shared many synchronicities in your human present lifetime. Significant events – be it traumatic or otherwise (pending on your soul contract and what you chose to learn in this lifetime) are at a similar timeline. Many twins often comment how their lives are almost a reflection of the other, without having crossed paths until a certain point in their life (aka Divine timing).   The emotions are intense, now this is not something that can be noted by looking at someone over a crowded train for example, or a pop star who would never know your name. But a mutual connection neither can explain. A strong pull towards the other. Attraction, love and lust. HOWEVER, the twin concept is not all about union.

What is the Journey?

The Twin flame journey is about ascension. Union is a by-product of ascension and cannot happen until both twins in the connection have healed fully. Many experience the runner/chaser dynamic as the twins trigger each other significantly. As one is the mirror for the other, you equally notice qualities with another you find “irritating”. This is not by coincidence. The twin is there to trigger self-healing. We often hear stories of “my twin is running he/she needs to do… xyz”.  Now the fact is in all this, if you heal… so does your twin. So, the question is not what your twin “needs to do” to get into union with you… but what you can do for yourself.

The Lessons on the Path to Union


  1. Unconditional Love – Love without attachment. Do you ever love someone with all your heart… then they hurt you and you hate them? The Twin teaches you love without attachment. The true meaning of Love without conditions. Love them whether they are with you, with someone else or otherwise.
  2. Forgiveness – Learning how to look even the ones that hurt you the most and forgive them for any wrongs done to you. Refer to the story “The Little Soul in the Sun”. Forgiveness isn’t so hard when you realize that they were an integral part of your soul journey this lifetime and thus part of the agreement no matter what role they played in your story this lifetime. Usually these people have been in your lives previously. (Some interesting food for thought for many I would consider).
  3. Self-Love and Healing of Inner Child – For those who experience trauma, this is the hardest and most challenging. In most cases it can be the cause of addictions, health conditions caused by the blocking of chakras and various other disorders. To love yourself.
  4. Removing Attachment to Outcomes – Are you healing because you want to win over the one you love? A simple but powerful concept. Coming from a place of highest good, allows you to love without expecting love in return. To heal without expecting anything back. Heal for the love of another, not because you want them back. There is an old saying “If you love someone, set them free, if they are meant to be yours, they will come home”.

The Purpose

By now you must be thinking what is the purpose of the Twin Flame? By the Lessons on the path to union, you can no doubt appreciate there is a higher purpose than merely getting the mortal “happy ever after” ending.

See soon, there is going to be a great shift in the vibration of the earth. Twins are coming into union and where they do not, they are forced to evolve at a soul level. A twin does not need its divine counterpart to be powerful. For example – Sekhmet (Goddess of Healing and Daughter of the Sun God Ra) was a powerful Goddess in her own right without her consort the God of the earth – Ptah in the Egyptian lineage. But together, they were a powerhouse and temples were built in their honor. Do not think, you need you’re Twin to be “complete”. The Union comes from within long before it manifests into the physical union the human ego craves. But if you can learn the lessons, evolve, AND come into union – you will be an eternal powerhouse. A powerful Army for the Divine to raise the vibration of the world and teach the true meaning of love.

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