Open to the Stars, it is all in the Stars, look to the Stars etc. etc. For years, or most of our lives this is what we have heard. Many cultures follow only the Stars. Religions have come from the Stars. We search beyond the Earthly realm. We look to the Stars.

Now is the time to Look to the Stars.

The ancient ones knew of the Starry Worlds and still do. We come from the Stars, we return to the Stars, we visit Starry Worlds.

In the past people spoke in tongues, not knowing that they were speaking in Starry Languages. Or maybe they called it angelic voice. Those that can connect and speak in the Starry Languages are vibrating at a higher dimension than most. But we can all do it these days. It is just a matter of being free, to be sent there to speak opening without judgement.

Starry Languages come from the Stars. There are many dialects, as there are also many ways to connect to this world. Starry Languages can come through speaking, song, drawings, hand movements and dance.

In our current times now, the Starry Languages are here to change, assist and develop our true new worlds. Starry Languages are pure without the use of an ego mind. It is not necessary to understand everything that is spoken. In some cases, the Codes of Light that are brought in, have no way of explanation.

I use the Starry Languages for healings, personal development, world change, intergalactic light working, light-working, to connect others into their Star Group and for communicational fun.

Persons new to opening into Starry Languages are learning brand new languages, as well as their own style, from where they belong and came from.

Starry Languages are here to change this world from the Old Duality Dense Reality, to our New One Reality of Pure Light (star light) and a One True Love for Humanity.

Welcome to my World.